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Materials & Process

Advanced Materials

We Specialize in Advanced Materials.

Sterling Technologies has extensive experience machining a variety of advanced materials. In addition to conventional materials we are well versed in machining with titanium, super-alloys, Macor, exotic glass filled composites (Zerodur), and engineered plastics (Peek & Torlon). We are committed to providing our clients with precision, high quality production that meets your exacting needs. For a more in-depth look at our capabilities, see our material and machining outlines below. For a quote or to speak with a Sterling Technologies representative about your manufacturing needs, please contact us or call (802) 888-4755.

Metals: Titanium, tool steels, nickel alloys, stainless steel, copper and a variety of aluminum alloys.

Ceramic and other hard brittle materials: Macor, alumina, quartz, Zerodor and silicon carbide.

Engineered plastics: Peek, Torlon, Acetal, Delrin, CPVC, Teflon and carbon and glass filled composites.

Super Alloys, Sterling Technologies, Morrisville, Vermont

Super Alloys

Aluminum Alloys, Sterling Technologies, Morrisville, Vermont

Aluminum Alloy

Titanium Assemblies, Sterling Tchnologies, Morrisville, Vermont

Titanium Assembly

Hard Brittle Materials Machining, Sterling Technologies, Morrisville, Vermont

Hard Brittle Materials

Anondized Aluminum, Sterling Technologies, Morrisville, Vermont

Anodized Aluminum

Tool Steels Machining, Sterling Technologies, Morrisville, Vermont

Tool Steel

Stainless Steel Alloys, Sterling Technologies, Morrisville, Vermont

Stainless Steel Alloys

Engineered Plastic, Sterling Technologies Morrisville, Vermont

Engineered Plastics

Titanium Machining, Sterling Technologies, Morrisville, Vermont


Our Process

Our workflow process is designed to help save your engineers time while delivering quality, precision parts. From RFQ to delivery Sterling Technologies employs an MRP system for job tracking and project management so, no matter what stage your project is in we can track and follow your job during the manufacturing process.

Sterling TEchnologies, Morrisville, Vermont

Request for Quote

From the initial request our engineering team evaluates all aspects of your project and specifications.


Once our team has carefully reviewed all your specifications and documentation, Sterling Technologies will provide you a detailed estimate and delivery schedule for your project.

MRP, Sterling Technologies, Vermont


Once you have decided Sterling Technologies is the right manufacturer for your project your job is entered into our MRP software.

CAM, Sterling Tchnologies, Morrisville, Vermont


Your job is put into our EdgeCAM software and any tooling or fixtures that are needed to complete your job will be built or ordered.

CNC Machining

Your job is then placed on one of our state-of-the-art CNC production machines.

Metrology & Inspection Services, Sterling Technologies, Morrisville, Vermont


Sterling Technologies Metrology department will inspect your part and issue a First Article Inspection Report (FAIR). Our Metrology department uses contact probing, optical, and laser inspections to make sure your parts meet or exceed your standards.

Engineered Plastics, Sterling Technologies, Morrisville, Vermont


Along with your FAIR Sterling Technologies will also provide your company Material Certifications, Plating Certifications, (if applicable), and a Certificate of Compliance (C of C). Outside processes are RoHS compliant.

Sterling Technologies, Morrisville, Vermont


Sterling Technologies also will provide any assembly of parts, if needed, before your parts are packaged and shipped.

Shipping & Delivery, Sterling Technologies, Vermont


We take the time to ensure your project is packaged with the utmost care. Your parts will be shipped by FedEx, UPS or another carrier, our Shipping Specialist will send you a tracking number for your delivery.