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About Sterling Technologies

Sterling Technologies is a state-of-the-art Morrisville, VT, CNC machine shop. We have extensive experience in CNC machining including 5-axis milling and multi-axis turning. We serve a variety of industries, including aerospace, robotics, bio-medical, medical, semi-conductor and energy. We specialize in 5-axis machining and electrical discharge machining (EDM), machining everything from conventional materials, such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy to hard-to-machine materials like titanium, super-alloys, Macor, exotic glass filled composites (Zerodur), and engineered plastics (Peek & Torlon). Additionally, our Werth Laser Probe inspection services, parts assembly, design consultation and clean room all assure that we provide the best CNC machining solutions for your company.

Sterling Technologies operates from a modern 16,000 sq/ft, 100% climate controlled facility and utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, including, precision 5-Axis machining, EDM (wire & sinker), 3D CAD/CAM software, MRP system, Class 10,000 clean room, and a precision metrology lab. It is our goal to develop long term partnerships with clients by supporting their manufacturing needs throughout the production cycle to provide consistent, predictable results that meet the individual needs of our clients.

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History of Sterling Technologies

Sterling Technologies was established in Morrisville, Vermont by Jeff Walker and Michael Boudreau. Jeff and Michael have known each other since childhood. During their college days they both shared common interests in manufacturing and engineering. Their individual experiences, skills and passions culminated in 2005 with the founding of Sterling Technologies and provided them a solid foundation to build and develop a modern contract manufacturing business that supports OEM companies in a variety of industries.

Sterling Technologies has been a manufacturing partner for clients in the aerospace, biomedical, fuel cell, medical, and semiconductor industries and with Jeff and Michael’s guidance and leadership, Sterling Technologies has grown into a leading OEM parts provider for clients both in the US and internationally.